New and Improved 2016 Model Due In September 2015!

Sorry 2014 Models Are Completely Sold Out – Check Back In July For The First Look At The New 2016 Model

2016 Model will have all the attributes and features of the 2014 model with a more affordable price!


2014 Model – Build Concussion Preventing Neck Strength Faster!

  • A braking system has been built into the truck, creating rotational resistance and a more dynamic workout
  • Built in quick adjust chin strap
  • A color coded head strap for quicker adjustment
  • Always ready to inflate pumping system with push button valve

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The Iron Neck – Build One

Darren Krein, The Miami Dolphin Head Strength and Condition Coach,

has just added 5 Iron Necks to the Dolphins weight

room. The Dolphins are the latest NFL team to turn to the Iron Neck to build neck strength.


Chicago Bear’s Strength And Conditioning Coordinator


Mike Clark Adds The Iron Neck To The Bears


Strength Program! 


Clemson Strength and Conditioning Program Adds 10 Iron Necks


Joey Batson, Director of Strength and Conditioning at Clemson University has turned to The Iron Neck to build force dissipating neck strength. Batson, a Master Strength and Conditioning coach is committed to doing all he can do to lessen the chance of his athletes getting a concussion or a sub-concussive blow.


 Syracuse Reports 35% Less Neck Injuries In 2013 Football Season


Syracuse added 6 more Iron Necks In 2013 and the results were astounding. Not Only Have Concussions Dropped Significantly since William Hicks, Strength And Condition Coach Started Using The Iron Neck But The Athletic Training Department Reported A 35% Decrease In Neck Injuries.

About The Iron Neck

How The Iron Neck Helps Create Strong Necks

A stronger neck will help prevent concussions. This is fact and is backed up with with studies and research. The Iron Neck builds a stronger neck. The Iron Neck will help prevent concussions. Several experts studing concussions have come to the same conclusion, a stronger neck will and can help defuse concussive forces.


Testimonials from our Customers

Strength coaches, coaches of contact sports, parents of athletes participating in contact sports, and athletic trainers who help care for athletes involved in contact sports must do everything possible to protect the brains of the athletes under their care. The consequences of not doing so are unacceptable.


See Videos of The Iron Neck in Action

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